Iricom Group has a huge inventory for your advertising:  

  •  Banners on 5 000 portals being part of Iricom affiliate network, the largest one in Russia and CIS;
  • Banners on, an immensely popular portal that consists of the best mobile browser games in Russia and CIS;
  • Banners in downloadable free games;
  • SMS-deliveries, own phone numbers (MSiSDNs) database.

Our advantages:

  •  Own inventory, thus better flexibility in managing campaigns;
  •  Numerous targeting options (region, operator, platform, model and the cost of the handset, type of content consumed by customer);
  • Providing online stats;
  • Developing up to 3 promo-pages for free;
  • Developing campaign concept, integrating tools (forms) to gather marketing info, providing free mobile content for users  as an incentive to fill in the form.