Iricom Group offers its services to the companies interested in making SMS-deliveries.

SMS-delivery is one of the most efficient communication tools available to keep your existing or potential customers informed. As of today, the penetration of mobile phones in Russia reached 156%, so you can be sure you will be able to reach your potential recipient using SMS-deliveries.

SMS-delivery is the most reliable way to make your sales pitch directly to your potential customers!

What SMS-deliveries are best for?

You may keep your customers informed about:

  • Sales and discounts;
  • Special offers;
  • New products available in stores;
  • Any changes in their discount / bonus cards balance.
What advantages offer SMS-deliveries?

  •   Delivering SMS directly to a customer.

Unlike other types of ads, SMS is delivered directly to a customer and contains the name of your company, offer details and contact info he/ she might later on.

  • AlphaNumeric: the sender phone number can be changed to any letters (Latin only) and figures.

You can specify the way you want the “From” field to look like, up to 8 symbols. You can use the name of your company or any other info.

  •  Integration using SMPP or HTTP protocols.

We can send up to 100 SMS per second. The reliability is ensured by having numerous back-up platforms and channels as well as monitoring systems in place.

  • Individual approach.

Upon consulting your tech specialists, well come up with the most effective integration option. We make an in-depth analysis, give consultations and support our partners through all stages of the integration process.