Iricom Group offers its services to develop a branded mobile app that would serve as an additional revenue stream for your company and would increase your customers’ loyalty.

On Device Portal is a mobile app that incorporates all info services and mobile content from your portal.

ODP has both client side (downloadable app) and server side, enabling you to make changes to the content of the client side.

The advantages of Iricom ODP solution:

  • It supports 99% of all known handsets in Russia on Java, Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile platforms, as of today;
  • The client side will be branded according to your brand book;
  • Intuitive end-user interface;
  • Integrating the existing billing options from your portal;
  • A flexible structure of the client side that might be changed on every level;
  • Quick access to the portal key sections even with the internet connection being turn-off – preloaded texts and graphics;
  • (Optional) we can build-in mobile content store into your branded ODP thus monetizing it.